Astrid Pink & Red Single Notes (pre-order)

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Pink Bouquet
A voluptuous bouquet containing sweet peas, peonies, baby's breath, cherry blossoms, and a soupçon of jasmine.

Pink Bubblegum
Classic bubblegum tweaked with pomegranate and blueberry.

Pink Cake
Traditional pink cake batter with notes of strawberry, cherry, and buttercream frosting.

Pink Candy
I’ve blended creamy tutti fruity notes to create a pink hard candy scent.

Pink Coconut
Coconut and coconut milk sweetened and pinked by vanilla, rainforest orchid, soft amber, and spun sugar.

Pink Guimauves
French marshmallow with notes of cream, vanilla, raspberry, quince, rose, and a brush of clove.

Pink Musk
A dry, velvety, and powdery musk with confectioner’s sugar, strawberry syrup, cherry blossom, violet, vanilla, and Moroccan rose absolute.

Pink Patchouli
Pale patchouli with cassis, strawberry, palma rosa, muguet, Peru balsam, white sandalwood, and pink grapefruit.

Pink Sandalwood
Plush, dry sandalwood with tuberose, violet, and pink rose.

Pink Tea
A pink herbal tea blend with hibiscus, lemongrass, rose petals, chamomile, and raspberry.

Red Amber
A trio of golden ambers made red with plums and berries.

Red Candy
Sugary strawberry, pomegranate, and cherry syrups blended with dusty marshmallow make this sweet red hard candy perfume.

Red Cocoa
Dark, dusty cocoa with cinnamon, nutmeg, raspberry syrup, Moroccan rose, clove, and chili pepper.

Red Lychee
Sweet lychee fruit.

Red Patchouli
Dark, iron-distilled patchouli made sanguine with dragon’s blood, sugared cranberries, red rose, frankincense, maraschino cherry, and clove bud.

Red Tea
Roiboos tea with dried apple peels, cardamom CO2, pink pepper, nutmeg, and warm rooty notes.

Roseberry Jam
Sticky jam made from raspberry, strawberry, and roses.


These are sample sizes. Full sized bottles are stocked at Astrid Perfume. As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.