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Autumn Evening
Pumpkin spices, bourbon vanilla, and cream wafting over the scent of a chimney fire from a neighboring home.

Holy Smoke
Precious golden honey, Ceylon cinnamon, French clary sage, sweet balsam of Peru, black pepper, and sacramental smoke.

Humo Exquisito
Woodsmoke, toffee, toasted hazelnut, dark chocolate and a whisper of dark iron-distilled patchouli.

Pitch black anise, Moroccan rose absolute, pale patchouli, and winding smoke accord.

Rouge Fumé
Sanguine grapefruit, green cognac, ylang ylang, pomegranate, Tunisian rosemary, black cassis, and langourous smoke accord.

Sacred Mountain
Cold smoke in the air mingling with warm campfire woodsmoke, sagebrush, cedar, ho wood, whiskey, vanilla musk, nootka tree, and cinnamon.

Milk, marshmallow cream, orange blossom absolute, soft grey ash and smoke.

Jasmine, darkened oud, sweetened anise, gentle tonka bean and sooty smoke.


These are sample sizes.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Astrid Perfume.  As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.