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Black Phoenix July Updates Leftovers

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Status: Leftovers

Dead for Filth
Raw Patchouli, opoponax, and a coppery dry blood exhale.


Status: Leftovers

13 (July 2018)
Smoky cacao, with thirteen jubilant, uplifting companions: white carnation, pimento, whiskey, Madagascar vanilla cream, sugar cane, almond, coffee bean, perigord truffle, tea leaf, nutmeg, cardamom, orris butter, and coconut.


Status: Deadline August 10th

Caramel Patchouli Hair Gloss

Violet & Green Tea Hair Gloss



Status: Leftovers

Greed: Seven Word Story
Ambergris accord, orris root, and carrot seed.

White pear, dandelion sap, and champaca blossom, chilled by a gust of white musk.

Like a Girl
A sleek skin musk with Mysore sandalwood, bourbon vanilla, frankincense resin, and a touch of costus.

The Earth Mother
Patchouli and clary sage with a host of dark mosses and lichens, wild grasses, warm acorns, dammar, burgundy pitch, pine needles, mandrake root, hay absolute, and sweet vetiver.

The Eternal Queen
White gardenia and tuberose with ambergris accord, vegetal vanilla musk, bourbon vanilla, and amber incense.

The Forest of the Empress
Clusters of clubmoss huddle silently under a gently shadowed canopy of silver fir, blue spruce, red cedar, cypress, and live oak.

The Harvest of the Empress
Wheat stalks, hay absolute, and clove.

The Queen of Earthly Paradise
Sun-bright golden petals of daffodil, gladiolus, tulips, crocus, aconite and jonquil gilded with amber.

The Queen of Love
Red rose petals, benzoin, honey myrtle and ambrette seed.

The Robe of Pomegranates
Ripe red pomegranate and bakhoor oudh, honeyed incense, fig and ambrette seed, sandalwood and carnation.

The Scepter of the Empress
Amber oudh, mandarin rind, and Florentine bergamot.

The Shield
White patchouli and helichrysum with blackcurrant, white sage, praline, vetiver, and orris root.

The Squishy Cushions
Velvet red rose petal attar, sweet red oudh, Mysore sandalwood, red benzoin, elemi, silken musk, and jasmine sambac.

The Starry Crown
Red musk and tolu, centifolia rose and black tobacco, French lavender and star anise, Roman chamomile and leather.

The Stream and the Waterfall
Sakura blossoms, neroli, and peach blossom cascading into a pool of white frankincense and hiba cedarwood.


These are sample sizes.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Black Phoenix Trading Post.  As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab & Trading Post have had a well developed decanter culture which I have been a part of for many, many years. While I communicate with them on the regular, they are not an official Ajevie partner and to support the traditions already in place, all Black Phoenix decants are non-profit on my end.

Quantities available for this product:
  • Dead for Filth / Decant : 0
  • 13 (July 2018) / Decant : 0
  • Caramel Patchouli Hair Gloss / 1oz : 0
  • Violet & Green Tea Hair Gloss / 1oz : 0
  • Greed / Decant : 5
  • Kari / Decant : 3
  • Like a Girl / Decant : 0
  • The Earth Mother / Decant : 0
  • The Eternal Queen / Decant : 0
  • The Forest of the Empress / Decant : 3
  • The Harvest of the Empress / Decant : 0
  • The Queen of Earthly Paradise / Decant : 2
  • The Queen of Love / Decant : 2
  • The Robe of Pomegranates / Decant : 10
  • The Scepter of the Empress / Decant : 6
  • The Shield / Decant : 4
  • The Squishy Cushions / Decant : 3
  • The Starry Crown / Decant : 3
  • The Stream and the Waterfall / Decant : 2