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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Sweet Sixteen (pre-order)

$ 5.25

Pre-order* items have not yet arrived at my studio, but have been listed/ordered.  Once it reaches me processing takes 3 - 14 business days before it's shipped out to you.  To estimate when your order is likely to be heading out, keep an eye on the 'Status' of ordered items. Please see the FAQ for my Empties/Original Bottle policy. 

Status: Ordered Nov 20th


Bagpipe Dog Alchemy Lab
Gin and pine needle with lime and white juniper.

Bellicose Clam Alchemy Lab
Yuzu, pink grapefruit, King mandarin, white musk, and lemon peel.

Constipated Elephant Alchemy Lab
Ambergris accord, Mysore sandalwood, ambrette seed, cypress, nagarmotha, and grey agarwood.

Eyeball Seaboar Alchemy Lab
White sandalwood, sweet patchouli, sea salt, Italian bergamot, and honey.

Fishtail Beaver Alchemy Lab
Himalayan cedar and patchouli with vanilla husk and mint.

Injured Dickchest Alchemy Lab
Champaca blossom, bourbon vanilla, pink pepper, and green tea.

Mopey Boar Alchemy Lab
Truffles and clove bud with smoky incense, cardamom pod, and ginger.

Saddypants Lion Alchemy Lab
Golden amber and sweet almond with tonka bean, peach juice, and honey musk.

Smug Yale Alchemy Lab
Vanilla bean and wild grasses.

Sour Pard Alchemy Lab
Ginjinha and dried red fruits, bitter almond, carnation, tonka bean, and red musk.

Stoned Griffin Alchemy Lab
Kush, fiery red patchouli, myrrh, and sweet black musk.


These are sample sizes.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Black Phoenix Trading Post.  As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab & Trading Post have had a well developed decanter culture which I have been a part of for many, many years. While I communicate with them on the regular, they are not an official Ajevie partner and to support the traditions already in place, all Black Phoenix decants are non-profit on my end.

Quantities available for this product:
  • Bagpipe Dog Alchemy Lab / Decant : 0
  • Bellicose Clam Alchemy Lab / Decant : 0
  • Constipated Elephant Alchemy Lab / Decant : 0
  • Eyeball Seaboar Alchemy Lab / Decant : 0
  • Fishtail Beaver Alchemy Lab / Decant : 0
  • Injured Dickchest Alchemy Lab / Decant : 0
  • Mopey Boar Alchemy Lab / Decant : 0
  • Saddypants Lion Alchemy Lab / Decant : 0
  • Smug Yale Alchemy Lab / Decant : 0
  • Sour Pard Alchemy Lab / Decant : 0
  • Stoned Griffin Alchemy Lab / Decant : 0

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