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BPTP Weenies Atmosphere Sprays Leftovers

$ 8.00

Trading Post Weenies Atmosphere Sprays
Trading Post Weenies Hair Glosses

Candy Wrapper In A Graveyard Atmos
Mounds of graveyard dirt, drooping Spanish moss, oak bark, discarded memorial roses, and a forgotten candy wrapper.

Ceylon Cinnamon, Black Clove, And Copal Atmos
A burst of warmth on a chill October evening.

Halloween Carnival Atmos
Pumpkin candyfloss, funnel cake, apple cider, a swirl of dead, dry maple leaves, greasepaint, chewing tobacco, and sawdust.

Pumpkin Popcorn Balls Atmos
Obscenely gooey.

Warm Pumpkin Cider Atmos
With pie spices, whipped buttercream, and apple slices.

Masque Of The Red Death
The Blue Chamber Atmos
Blue musk and cassis bud, wild chamomile, dried blueberry, and blackcurrant.

The Green Chamber Atmos
Tea leaf, vetiver, Himalayan cedar, white tobacco, and lime.

The Orange Chamber Atmos
King mandarin, orange blossom, blood orange, leather, and teakwood.

The Purple Chamber Atmos
Blackberry incense, indigo musk, wild grape, polished mahogany, and blackberry wine.

The Seventh Apartment Atmos
Blackened mahogany, tobacco absolute, cardamom, grave loam, dried blood, and olibanum.

The Violet Chamber Atmos
Jungle orchid, wild fig, bourbon geranium, twilight oudh, and pluot.

The White Chamber Atmos
Lily of the valley, cedarwood, chamomile, vanilla orchid, white sandalwood, and polished oak.

Pile of Leaves
Dead Leaves & Cement Atmos
Dead Leaves and Cement.

Dead Leaves & Donuts Atmos
Dead Leaves and Donuts.

Dead Leaves & Limoncello Atmos
Dead Leaves and Limoncello

Dead Leaves, Ceylon Cinnamon, & Cocoa Atmos
Dead Leaves, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Cocoa.

Dead Leaves, Patchouli, & Bay Rum Atmos
Dead Leaves, Patchouli and Bay Rum.

Dead Leaves, Peonies, & Moss Atmos
Dead Leaves, Peonies, and Moss.

Dead Leaves, White Sage, & Apples Atmos
Dead Leaves, White Sage and Apples.  


These are sample sizes.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and Black Phoenix Trading Post.  As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.  Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab & Trading Post have had a well developed decanter culture which I have been a part of for many, many years. While I communicate with them on the regular, they are not an official Ajevie partner and to support the traditions already in place, all Black Phoenix decants are non-profit on my end.

Quantities available for this product:
  • Candy Wrapper In A Graveyard Atmos / 1oz : 1
  • Ceylon Cinnamon, Black Clove, And Copal Atmos / 1oz : 0
  • Halloween Carnival Atmos / 1oz : 0
  • Pumpkin Popcorn Balls Atmos / 1oz : 0
  • Warm Pumpkin Cider Atmos / 1oz : 0
  • DL & Cement Atmos / 1oz : 2
  • DL & Donuts Atmos / 1oz : 0
  • DL & Limoncello Atmos / 1oz : 0
  • DL, Ceylon Cinnamon, & Cocoa Atmos / 1oz : 0
  • DL, Patchouli, & Bay Rum Atmos / 1oz : 1
  • DL, Peonies, & Moss Atmos / 1oz : 0
  • DL, White Sage, & Apples Atmos / 1oz : 0
  • The Blue Chamber Atmos / 1oz : 0
  • The Green Chamber Atmos / 1oz : 0
  • The Orange Chamber Atmos / 1oz : 0
  • The Purple Chamber Atmos / 1oz : 0
  • The Seventh Apartment Atmos / 1oz : 1
  • The Violet Chamber Atmos / 1oz : 0
  • The White Chamber Atmos / 1oz : 2

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