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Death and Floral

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Thru October
Art School Drop Out
Fresh paint water, wet clay, car exhaust, number two pencil shavings

I Wanna be Your Joey Ramone
Black oudh, chili spiced vanilla musk, nutmeg

I was a Former Gifted and Talented Student
Glossy pages of a scholastic book catalog, vanilla creme brûlée body spray, cherry chapstick, teen spirit deodorant

Bright red lychee fruit, sweetgrass, cornmeal, rolled oats, fresh dates

Misspent Youth
Iced Cold root beer, the glowing hum of a 7-11 parking lot, peppered vanilla, blood orange & ginger candy, fuzzy grey amber

Pieces of October
Fresh blue corn tortillas, ancient spices, chili peppers, oakwood, autumn apples falling on a frozen ground


Thru November
Black Cherry Bomb
Melted Black Cherry popsicle juice, ginger ale cream soda, salty and hot summer skin, honeydew, golden caramelized amber

Monsters Still Under My Bed
Creaky floor wood, spiced nutmeg, golden oudh, chewy tobacco, vanilla Copal resins, Smokey warm amber

My Heart is Made of Glass
Fresh cloves, myrrh, spiced apricot jam, tonka beans, Peru balsam

Plain Jane
Black oudh, fresh morning coffee, rolled tobacco, vegan animal musk, cedar, cinnamon crunch cereal

Watercolor Summer
Fresh strawberries, violets, golden amber, and soft lavender




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