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50 Shades
Leather + roses.

A Clockwork Orange
A bolshy, bezoomny blend of vanilla, spun sugar, and orange blossom, jammiwammed with every orange blend in me flatblock.

Incense, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, plum, strawberry, dark patchouli, oudh.

All Soul's Night
Molten marshmallow blobs on scorched sticks, plumes of woodsmoke, and hot, glowing campfire embers on a cool autumn night.

Pumpkin pecan waffles, pumpkin brûlée, marshmallow, sugar cookie, vanilla bean noel, salted caramel popcorn balls.

White chocolate, raspberry cordial, rose petals.

Angelica Lemonade*
Angelica root, light florals, sandalwood, barely-there patchouli, lemon

Aokigahara Woods
Coconut milk, steamed rice, honeyed figs, lychee, Japanese maplewood, tonka, spiced rooibos tea, galangal.

Chai, pumpkin puree, buttercream, vanilla cookies, powdered sugar.

Marshmallow-topped hot cocoa, rice, wool, crêpes, leather-bound antique books, and old, wooden bookcases.

Slow-baked sweet gourds, Russian tea cookies, pipe tobacco, Autumnal spice accord, caramel, nutmeg, honey, coumarin, beeswax absolute, cardamom sugar, crushed apples, black pepper, liatrix absolute. (non-vegan)

Bananas Foster
Varamelized bananas, buttery rum sauce, vanilla ice cream.

Bay Harbor Butcher
Red strawberries & fresh, salty ocean air

The Bell Witch
Blood musk, ebon musk, feral musk, nag champa, sandalwood, incense, guaiacwood, vanilla, bergamot, aged dark patchouli, woodsmoke, amber.

Strong coffee, streusel coffee cake, nutmeg, brown sugar, toasted almonds.

Big Toddy Goth Girl
Spiced buttered rum, bourbon, honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove cigarettes.

Blackberry Lavender Lemonade*

Black Cherry Fizzy Cola
Smells just like the real thing. This is a *strong* scent.

Black Mass
Essentially, "MOON-mallow": smoked vanilla, frankincense, Peru balsam, labdanum, amber, vetiver, Atlas cedarwood, patchouli, night musk, and scorched marshmallows.

Black Vanilla
Golden amber, three different vanillas, marshmallow fluff, musk.

Blood Moon
Dragons blood, smoked vanilla, pipe tobacco, beeswax, sanguine musk.

Blood Orange Cotton Candy
Italian blood orange, spun sugar.

Blue Moon
Blue musk, grapefruit, neroli, night air accord, lime peel.

Bomb Pop
Cherry, lime, blue raspberry

Blueberry cordial, blueberry cobbler, vanilla bean.

Bordello of Blood*
Red musk, dragons blood, honey, tonka, saffron, Eastern spices, incense smoke, fire-cured tobacco, beeswax candles, black musk, caramel.

Sweet, golden, drippy butterscotch, rich vanilla ice cream, hot buttered rum.

Calm the Fuck Down
A sigh-inducing blend of essential oils (lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot, vanilla, and patchouli).

Camp Crystal Lake
Lake water, fishing dock, seaweed, forest.

Cereal Killer
Fruit Loops, Cap'n Crunch Berries, Trix cereal.

Cereal Marshmallows*
Cronchy, sugary, delicious. Also terrible for you, but OH WELL.

Marshmallow, buttercream, black tea, chai spices.

Chakra Khan
Amber, sandalwood, vanilla, orange blossom, tonka bean, patchouli.

Nag champa, vanilla liqueur, vanilla bean, musk.

Children of the Corn
Candy corn, caramel corn, kettle corn.

Chocolate Orange
Dark, rich chocolate, and sweet clementine.

Mock-orange, neroli, orange blossom, tuberose, white amber.

Coffin Nails*
Tobacco leaves, tobacco flower, whiskey, ginger, anise, coriander, clove, spices, fruitwood sap, juniper berry, hay, vetiver, benzoin, labdanum, vanilla pods, tonka bean, honey.

Corpse Bride
Black roses, white amber, damp earth, vanilla, tonka, musk.

Creaky Floorboards
Old, weathered wood, aged dark patchouli.

Black tea, bergamot, tobacco, vanilla, amber.

Dark Sided!
Devil's Food cake, cream cheese frosting, cardamom, pipe smoke.

De Falsis Deis
Tobacco, bourbon, salted caramel, brown sugar, vanilla, coconut milk, cayenne pepper.

Devil's Lettuce
Cannabis, incense, agarwood, dark indonesian patchouli.

Incense, cinnamon bark, red musk, animalic musk, sweet orange, patchouli, woodsmoke.

Dodongo's Cavern
Dragon's blood, toasted marshmallow, black cinnamon.

Doll Head
Heliotrope, marshmallow, benzoin, long-forgotten cardboard boxes, plastic, attic wood, vanilla, Bulgarian rose

Dropped Lolly
Blood orange, clover, and freshly mown grass.

Lush green cloverfields, dampened soil, petrichor, sunwarmed moss, wet pavement, ozone, rain-soaked thunderheads.

Embalming Fluid
Egyptian musk, green tea, lemon.

lavender wands, cowrie shells, coconut husks, tonka beans, black amber, hyssop, spikenard, tea leaves.

Dark patchouli, clove cigarettes, tonka bean, marshmallow.

Evening Star
Golden orbs of amber, cognac absolute, booze accord, cacao absolute. **the cacao absolute WILL separate in oil form which is totally normal.

The Evil Garden
Prickly holly bushes, blackberry brambles, bamboo sugar cane.

The Exorcist
Church incense, labdanum, golden copal, and religious tomes.

Fallen Angel
Rain-soaked granite, mountain air, petrichor, creeping ivy, damp earth.

Fall from Pearadise
Anjou pear, red apple, salted caramel, Demerara sugar, vanilla, coconut milk, cayenne pepper.

Every single bean in my collection. Vanilla bean, that is.

Lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, spearmint, a faint wafting of violets. EO/FO blend. Essential oils used: lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) + spearmint (Mentha spicata). All else are synthetic accords.

Frau Perchta*
Soft, spiced cookies, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, molasses, honey, powdered sugar, black pepper.

Freddy Loves Nancy
Dreamy, pillowy, torched marshmallows, and strong black coffee.

Frickin' Bats
Vanilla ice cream, black licorice whips, candy corn, root beer, kettle corn.

Cotton candy, bubblegum, and gummy worms.

Gold Skulltula
Golden amber, cardamom, vanilla orchid, vanilla bean, tonka, myrrh.

Freshly overturned dirt, pine boxes, cedarwood.

Sweet biscuit sticks coated in matcha white chocolate.

The Gunslinger*
Hints of sulphurous gunpowder, smoky, dark, mildly sweet, and spicy with notes of smoke and wood.

Guten Morgen*
Satsuma, lemon curd, grapefruit zest.

Candy apples, sweet pumpkin, candy corn.

Halloween Town
Pumpkin spice, marshmallows, caramel apples, candy corn, buttery popcorn balls.

Hannibal Loves Clarice
Ripe, fleshy cherries, slivered almonds, a bite of blood orange, and a fine chianti.

Hans Trapp*
Dark patchouli, clove, cherry.

The Haunted Tea-Cosy*
Black tea, shortbread scones, Devonshire cream, spiced orange marmalade.

Head Shop
Grape cigarillos, nag champa incense.

Pumpkin cakes, mace, smoked vanilla, burnt sugar.

Marshmallow and clove. This is quite heavy on the marshmallow, with juuuuust enough clove to give it a spicy 'kick'. (also very similar to Lolita, but with marshmallow in lieu of spun sugar)

Black agar, rosewood shelves stacked with books, and deep, sweet, heady incense of every variety.

Cedar, leather, caraway, tea tree, anise, rosemary, clove, vanilla.

Holy Water
Palo santo, white sage, cedarwood, angelica root, lemon rind.

Hyrule Castle
Double bergamot earl grey tea, almond-orange tea cakes.

Honey Moon
Oriental accord, honeyed fig, vanilla pod, white musk, balsam accord.


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