NAlidays Resurgence pt.1 (pre-order)

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Status: Ordered Nov 14

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Vanilla Ice Cream accord, Italian Espresso Bean, Freshly Brewed Morning Coffee accord, Arabica Coffee Bean Absolute, Crystalline Absolute, Italian Cream and warmed Coffee Bean essence

All That Jazz
Strawberry essence, Violet, Santalum White, Champagne accord, Lime, Orange peel, Vanilla bean fleck

Bastet’s Bewildering Contessa Biscuit
Gingerbread and spices, Grated Sugar-Ginger, Orange Zest, Apricot Skin, Crystalline, fresh baked Sugar Cookie accord, Buttercream drizzle

Bee’s Knees
Orange Blossom Honey accord, Crystalline, Whole Vanilla Beans from Madagascar, Tahiti and Mexico

Neroli, Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, Tuberose, Rose, Honeysuckle, Musk and Kashmir Red Musk

Black Tails & White Whiskers
Soy Milk Chocolate Mocha Coffee accord, Cacao bean, Warm Coffee, Chocolate Syrup, Sweet Cream and Whipped Cream

Caramel Latte Cat
Salted Caramel, Caramel infused Marshmallow, Egyptian Black Coffee, Coconut Butter, Sweet Cream and Cacao bean

Cat’s Meow
Vanilla infused Champagne accord, Crystalline Absolute, Bastet’s Ice Cream essence, lime and orange.

Catcoa & Cardamom
Cocoa chocolate accord, Crystalline Mallow Studio blend, Green Cardamom essential oil spice, Hot Cocoa and melting Marshmallow accord

The Charleston
Gin infused Champagne Musk accord, Juniper Berry, eNVie saphir, Bastet’s Musk, Olive Leaf, Lime and Orange essence.

Fresh Pear, Bastet’s Amber Absolute, Skin Musk, Vanilla Bean Liqeur, Crimson Red Musk.

Skin Musk, Vanilla Bean Liqueur, Mango skin, Mango Sorbet accord, Bastet’s Musk Absolute

Freja’s Fabulous Vanilla Tea
Egyptian Black Tea, Vanilla Buttercream, Earl Grey Tea, Brown Sugar, Vanilla Absolute and Vanilla Cream

Golden Sandalwood & Spiced Apple
Spices of Clove and White Cinnamon, Lemon Zest, Apple Skin, Peach Stone, Orange Zest, Vanilla Bean Liqueur and Golden Sandalwood

Hotsy Totsy
Strawberry infused Champagne accord, Champagne Musk accord, Crystalline Absolute, dash of Pink Sugar accord, Fruit Musk essence from apple/orange and pineapple.

Ian’s Fantastic Rum Raisin Cookie
Raisin Cookie accord, Orange zest, light dash of Cinnamon and Clove, Bay Rum, Sea Salted Caramel, Rum Buttercream and Condensed Soy Milk accord

Champagne accord, Lime and Orange Peel, Pomegranate, Oudh essence, Bastet’s Amber.

NAliday Tree
Siberian Fir Tree essence, Balsam Tree essence, Pine Needle essence, Crystalline and a little Forest Pine Wood essence

Noodle Juice
Egyptian Black Tea, Sandalwood, Blue Sugar accord, Egyptian Sugar.

Orange Vanilla Shercat
Orange Sherbet accord, Orange zest, Vanilla Sugar, Bastet’s Ice Cream accord, Australian Sandalwood and Santalum Absolute

Peppermint Coffee Cat
Peppermint essential oil, Morning Coffee, Egyptian Coffee beans, Caramel accord, Marshmallow, Sandalwood essence and Vanilla

Seth’s Ultimate Vanilla Sugar Cookie
Vanilla Bean, Crystalline, Warm and buttery Sugar Cookie accord, Sugar, Butter cookie accord, Buttercream and Tahitian Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Paws & Cream
Crème fraiche, Lemon, Buttercream, Vanilla Bean, Powdered Sugar, White Cinnamon, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Mahogany Wood essence and Whipped Cream 


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