Nui Cobalt Return of the Bees 2020 (pre-order)

Nui Cobalt

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Bee in Your Bonnet
A piquant blend to enliven the mind and stir the senses. Raw rhubarb and cardamom with toasted oats, Madagascar vanilla, ginger ale, and caramelized honey. Wear for support in any intellectual effort to stay sharp and alleviate brain fog.
Bees on the Bayou
A dark, seductive blend for a sultry southern evening. Vines heavy with honeysuckle entwined with Easter lily, linden blossom, and neroli over a sweet foundation of pipe tobacco, pralines, and creamed honey. Wear to inspire lust and longing in the objects of your desire.
Black Honey
An offbeat Gothic blend for true renegades and revolutionaries. Autumn harvest honey, nutmeg, clove, roasted cocoa, molasses, birch bark, star anise, and oud. Wear when you're ready to shake things up and ditch the comfort zone.
Home Sweet Hive
A comforting blend for calm contentment. Bulgarian lavender, oatstraw, honey-roasted chestnuts, maple sugar and a scant pinch of lemon zest. Wear for grounding, centering, and to carry sacred space wherever you go.
She Stopped to Pet a Bumblebee
An ode to the living spirit of compassion. Cocoa butter and shea, cotton flower, silk tree, apple blossom, wildflower honey, bee balm, and heliotrope. Wear this scent to conjure an atmosphere of loving kindness and receptivity.
A refreshing potion to cleanse, heal, and protect. Blackberry brambles, honeyed black tea, and crushed coriander with ginger root, lemon myrtle, fresh basil, and fig. Wear to banish negativity and cast a radiant shield to repel all malefaction.
This delightful blend inspires hope, attracts allies, and nourishes friendship. A honey-drizzled blueberry tart bejewelled with candied apricot in a toasted almond crust. Wear for connection, collaboration, and encouragement.


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