Nui Cobalt Fae Folk, Nymphs, & Otherworldly Beings (pre-order)

Nui Cobalt

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The benevolent denizens of Benin's lush forests. Rich mahogany and ebony wood, coconut husks, shea butter, and tart tamarind.

The woodland nymph of Greek mythology. Tender oak saplings just breaching the soil, elegant laurel and acacia trees, black pine resin, river rocks, and a trace of campfire smoke.

Feu Follet
The Cajun version of Will o' the Wisp, a luminous inhabitant of swamps and marshlands who's said to lure travellers to a watery grave. Sultry southern magnolia, wild muscadine, honeysuckle, and Spanish moss clinging to the trees.

An ode to the woodland seductress of Scandinavian legend. Slender white birch limbs, lily of the valley, pale angelica glistening with dew, cloud berry and icy moonlit waters.

The fearsome trixter of the Scottish countryside. Warm brown leather and hay, twisted driftwood, ancient oak, ambergris, and sea foam.

The lantern-bearing attendants of the goddess, Hecate. Blackest patchouli, smoldering myrrh, unripened fig, libations of honey consumed in fire and smoke.

Little people of Polynesia who may choose to bless hunters and fishermen. Roasted macadamia nuts, teakwood, coconut palm, and ripe pineapple.

Nymphs who dwell within fountains, rivers, and all the fresh waters. Offerings of milk and honey, a trace of pale incense smoke, bay laurel trees, and morning mist at the mossy bank of a stream.

The wing'ed Fae folk of Cornwall and Devon. An apple orchard in bloom, spring grasses alive with some unearthly glow, vanilla bean offertory cakes and sparkling honey mead.

The beautiful silver-haired faeries of Slavic folklore who may choose to align themselves with worthy humans, or unleash fury upon the unworthy. Apricots preserved with cardamom, clove, and brown sugar, dewy Bulgarian roses, and luminous white silk.



Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8 dram. Full sized bottles are stocked at Nui Cobalt.  As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.