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Possets Yule Retour 

Smooth incense and leather start out the journey. Throw in a melange of spices and a bit of resin and a floor of sweet flag and Joseph is a smooth, spicy and beautiful classic.

Judith Leyster
The lilt of clove-like carnation takes on a drop of mint and a teaspoon of sugar. There is a hint of anise which rises up from it all.

Clove and copra (dried and expressed coconut), grey musk, violet leaf, myrtle, and magic.

La Goulue
A truly wicked treat-getting into the best bourbon, tarting it up with butter and a shot of sugar, then mixing it with coconut milk rather than mere egg nog.

Lipstick on the Eggnog Carton
First there is the very boozy introduction, this slides into a wazzle of nutmeg and cream which pairs oddly with some real basic smelling lipsticky perfume.

Liquid Tinsel
This classic blend sports fir and heaps of sugar, a hint of peppermint. Tinsel brings out the sweetest part of each of the players.

Longest Night
A mildly astringent and ironically awake blend. Lemon without the usual "funky" zest entwines with a harmonious sage and a shot of borage. There is a lot of the black walnut in this, and a whiff of dark musk. It's very slightly green and quite cold. It isn't spicy but it's intriguingly plant-like on one hand, and raw on the other. A dark dark cool and calm scent.

Dragons' Blood, skin musk, golden musk, 2 Oriental ambers, and a silk extract.

Love on my Tongue
Fetching and unusual, a snow and strawberry blend.

Lovechild Cranbaby
Tart cranberry dances merrily with a smooth dulce de leche for a gorgeous pairing of opposites.

Lovechild Lovebaby
Peach shortbread and sweet fruit sauce cascading over the lovely confection.

Lovechild Meltbaby
Cherry, coconut, and rose. What a wonderful combination to which I add a bit of extra secret wonderfulness.

The Lullaby from Hansel & Gretel
The very gingerbread house from the famous scene, filled with cream and red currents.

The most creamy, delightfully mint-kissed, pleasing scent of the Yuletide. A similarity to buttercremes, a real nod to candles, and a shot of cold cold outdoor air. Foody, minty, gourmand.

Madame X3
The Third iteration of Madame X which retains the bees-waxy vanilla for which the Madame is so famous yet builds on it with Dry vanilla and a woody vanilla to give it a sophistication it needs and to keep it from being too heavy. I have inserted the smallest hint of yuzu because there needed to be a balance for the waxy vanilla lest it become too cloying. Polished the whole thing off with a particle of a drop of Haitian vetiver and it was done to perfection.

Maise Pudding
The Native Americans enjoyed corn, and used to make a pudding out of milk, corn, and a dark toasted honey. This was set over the fire and enjoyed as a festival treat.

A very very light nuance of flowers combines with a somewhat caramel fragrance and this is bound together with green citrus, and an ingredient I think of a 'pearl'.

Honey, grain, a bit of apple for tartness this is a real treat which smells a great deal more fresh than you might think.

Meat Candy
A very wicked concept which sounds too far out BUT I actually did see a bacon and chocolate candy bar for sale at Fresh Market! I noticed the smell and it is ineluctable. Sigh! ***Please note that this product is absolutely meatless, and ok for vegans/vegetarians and anyone who does not like pork products.

Mele Kalikimaka
Really islandy and really pretty and a good dose of peppermint to remind you that no matter how blue the water, there is still a bit of red and green in the mix. Coconut and tropical fruits and flowers, an offering on a "pagan" altar.

Rose (red, of course) combined with cinnamon and red musk to bind the fragrance to a stable bond.

Brandy, citron, candied angelica, molasses, and more.

Mincemeat Pie
Savory good, a strong jolt of brandy, citron, and lemon zest combine with the suave scent of raisins and a secret addition of late summer pears. Put all of that in a flaky buttery crust and you have a divine mincemeat pie which is the perfect finish.

There is a zest about the chrysanthemum leaf paired with cinnamon and a kiss of cocoa leaf, a drop of copal.

Mona Lisa
A highly woody scent with red cedar, luan, muhuhu, teak, and artemesia. Added to that are a very dry cocoa (powdery not sweet at all), and a combination of cardamom and coriander. This is an oriental perfume of the dry spice variety combined with wood and maturated to perfection. This fragrance breaks a lot of new ground for combinations of fragrances, and is a thoroughly modern scent in every way.

The true arabica cuppa mocha right under your nose, freshly ground coffee scenting the backdrop, you have added a large amount of cream to the blend, a shot of vanilla, and you have the perfect treat for a cold day.

Moonlight Sonata
A soft red raspberry and heavy sugar, topped off with an extra dusting of clove, a heart of white musk to ground it and a fluff of almond to start it all on a charmingly melencholy note.

Nell Gwyn
Pink cedar, cream, Thanksgiving pudding all together. It sounded very strange to me and somehow all the ingredients dance along merrily. The "seriousness" and almost bitter wood is sweetened up to a positively jolly state thanks to such rich creamy and sweet asides.

An innovative blend of deepest rose and sugar cookies.

Apricot, honey, amber and a light and golden musk unite for a really beautiful and long lasting fragrance based on a precious yet poisonous blend of color and substance.

Strong vanilla, refined leather, and a hint of pepper, and a bit of lime.

Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8 dram bottles.  Full sized bottles are stocked at Possets Perfume.   As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.