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Zomg Smells August (pre-order)

$ 3.50

Pre-order* items have not yet arrived at my studio, but have been listed/ordered.  Once it reaches me processing takes 3 - 10 business days before it's shipped out to you.  To estimate when your order is likely to be heading out, keep an eye on the 'Status' of ordered items. 


Status: Ordered August 24th


Magic Radon-Detecting Plants
Whiteboard marker, wax crayons, sour apple, tomato stems, magic sparkles

Midnight Over Fissure 8
Dark musk, patchouli, frankincense, tobacco, air orchids, wet rainforest, cornmint

Pele's Rest Day
Sweet milky Kona coffee, coconut, charred lava trees, smoky clove bud and cinnamon leaf, pimento, red musk

Plume Bloom
Pikkake jasmine, tuberose, ginger, pineapple, coconut, copal, papaya, burnt cane sugar, pink pepper

Snake Amber
Kumquat, satsuma, white grape, neroli, ambers both sharp and sweet, milk, sandalwood, sweet musk, buttery vanilla, banana, sneknard. I mean spikenard

Tesla's Violet Butter Cookies
Exactly what it sounds like, plus sandalwood, dark musk, and patchouli

Honey, vanilla, myrrh, sandalwood, papaya, a drop of patchouli

Decants=8x35mm vials, Minis=5/8 dram bottles. Full sized bottles are stocked at ZOMG Smells.  As limited edition collections, these scents will be allowed to sell out.

Quantities available for this product:
  • Magic Radon-Detecting Plants / Decant : 1
  • Midnight Over Fissure 8 / Decant : 1
  • Pele's Rest Day / Decant : 0
  • Plume Bloom / Decant : 1
  • Snake Amber / Decant : 1
  • Tesla's Violet Butter Cookies / Decant : 0
  • Valetudo / Decant : 0

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