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Ajevie Current Turn Around Times 
Pre-Order - 3 to 10 business days after they arrive.
In Stock - 1 to 5 business days


Open Collection List

-Please note that future 'processing' dates are estimates-
Trading Post Lupers: Shipping by April 23rd
Haus of Gloi Women’s History: Shipping by April 23rd
Conjure Oils April Fools: Ordered April 5th
Possets Spring Retour: Processing April 23rd
Epically Epic Spring: Ordered April 9th
BPAL OLLA: Ordering April 13th
BPAL April 13: Ordering April 13th
Fools Journey Accidental Restock: Ordered April 17th
NAVA Spring: Ordering April 22nd
BPAL April 420: Ordering April 22nd


Poesie Miss Behave Artists: Shipped March 24th
DD Emerald Lace: Shipped March 24th
BP Lab March Update & Labyrinth: Shipped March 24th
Trading Post Lupers: Shipped April 9th (some items still on backorder)
Trading Post Roses Hair Gloss: Shipped April 9th
NAVA PC: Shipped April 12th
Seven Word Story Pride: Shipped April 12th
Dragon-Smooched Snake Oil: Shipped April 12th
Conjure Oils Super blue blood Moon: Shipped April 12th
Conjure Oils Creatures Kissing in the Rain: Shipped April 16th
BP Post March Update & GC HG: Shipped April 19th
Sixteen92 Spring: Shipped April 19th
Trading Post Candles: Shipped April 19th
Black Phoenix Lab The Fool's Journey, April Lunacy & Coraline: Shipped April 19th

Brands' Official TATs (current as of 8.19.17)
BPAL - 14-21 business days
BPTP - 2-4 weeks
Conjure Oils - 28+ business days
eNVie - 5-7 business days
Epically Epic - 2-3 weeks
Haus of Gloi - 3-5 days
Nocturne Alchemy - 7-21 business days
Poesie - 10 business days
Possets - ?
Sixteen92 - 10 business days
Wild Hybrid - 1-2 weeks