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Ajevie Current Turn Around Times 
Pre-Order (Listed, Ordered) - Varies by brand. See Brands' official TATs below.  These pre-order items have not yet arrived at my studio.
Pre-Order (Processing) - 3 to 5 business days.
Pre-Order (Processing Large collections 15+ scents) - 3 to 10 business days.
In Stock - 1 to 5 business days


Open Collection List

“Tracking” is when I have received tracking info for the big box. “Shipped” is when your individual orders have/are shipping out to you.  When processing, collections that are coming down the soonest are moved to the top of the list.

Sixteen92 Group Order: Ordered Jan 12th
Conjure Oils Super blue blood Moon: Ordered Feb 6th
Nocturne Alchemy Valentines: Ordered Feb 4th
eNVie Restock: Ordered Feb 3rd
Possets Valentines Retour: Processing Feb 19th
Lab Lupers, Earth Dog, & King Cake: Ordered Feb 10th
Trading Post Lupers: Ordered Feb 10th
Trading Post Roses Hair Gloss: Ordered Feb 13th
Conjure Oils Creatures Kissing in the Rain: Ordered Feb 14th
Poesie February Layers: Ordered Feb 19th


Haus of Gloi Champagne/Winter Greatest: Shipped Jan 24th
BP Lab Jan/Fraggles: Shipped Jan 28th
BP Trading Post Dana O’Shee: Shipped Feb 1st
Poesie Fantastic Banquet: Shipped Jan 31st
Possets Saint Fabian: Shipped Jan 31st
Haute Macabre: Shipped Feb 6th
Haus of Gloi Valentines: Shipped Feb 15th
Lab February Lunacy Update: Shipped Feb 15th

Brands' Official TATs (current as of 8.19.17)
BPAL - 14-21 business days
BPTP - 2-4 weeks
Conjure Oils - 28+ business days
eNVie - 5-7 business days
Epically Epic - 2-3 weeks
Haus of Gloi - 3-5 days
Nocturne Alchemy - 7-21 business days
Poesie - 10 business days
Possets - ?
Sixteen92 - 10 business days
Wild Hybrid - 1-2 weeks