International Shipping

Worldwide shipping is currently available to most countries via USPS & UPS.  Ajevie is not responsible for taxes, fees, and or VAT applied at customs.

Packages are limited to a value up to $400 per shipment.

Please keep in mind that we are in the middle of a global shipping slow down and we are occasionally seeing stalling on package anywhere from 4-6 weeks.  We are also experiencing incidences of lost packages for the first time in years.  Insurance IS available!!

Proof of value is required for all packages shipped via UPS

EU UPDATE: The saga continues (part deux)! So, after a quagmire of triple-talk and running around for literally MONTHS we have an update for the EU customs issues... the ONLY services that offer DDP (which is simply marking a package as taxes paid and electronically sending our IOSS # to the customs office) are UPS, FedEx, and DHL express. Meaning we cannot pay tax AND use the more affordable USPS rates.  I've heard from a number of EU customers that it is not just our packages that this has been happening to, but packages from numerous senders outside the EU. This is why. Even though we're doing everything we're supposed to, there are VERY WELL HIDDEN caveats and extra steps that we are not being made aware of.

EU: We are currently not able to ship VAT pre-paid packages to the EU.  The service is not available via USPS.  We will be investing time into negotiating rates with UPS, FedEx, and DHL to confirm that they are equipped to handle VAT paid shipping before making that service available.  You may still make purchases; however, do so with the understanding the VAT and handling fees will be required at delivery.

Further Shipping Questions are answered on the FAQ Page

UK: We are currently not able to collect any VAT for orders to be shipped to the UK.  You may still make purchases; however, this means that packages will be held until the complete value of your package exceeds the point-of-sale collection limit of £135/$180 at which point taxes, fees, and or VAT will be collected from you by customs at the point of entry.  I promise you we are still hounding HMRC to get us legal and shipping regularly again.

USPS International Service Alerts